What’s particularly great about buying inexpensive, unique art is that it’s an entirely customizable experience for you. I love square frames IRL, probably due to spending so much time on the gram, so here I’ve printed the Wealthy Florals II picture at 12x12, cropped to my favourite aspect of the picture (the slightly wilted leaves). When you frame a Fafita print, you can exercise all of your free will over your art. Here's the list of my frame selections.

Skatteby; this is the most expensive frame at IKEA clocking in at $60. I love the ridged frame and it's shockingly light weight, which is ideal for hanging. I've used it to frame Threepeat without the mat at 24x36. With the mat you can print at 19x27, or you can buy the mini Skatteby for $20 and frame a perfect square picture, or what I prefer to call Real Life Instagram. See here.

Sondrum; used to frame Wealthy Florals I without the mat. $14.99! GTFO. 

KNOPPANG: $25 to frame a picture at 19x27, which is what I did with the legendary work of art, Dovima.

Crate & Barrel Icon Frames, I love the big mat with the 11x11 picture, for a truly elevated IG IRL, $74.95. They practically pay you.

CB2 always has really interesting acrylic frames which I love for their clunkiness and texture. It's always satisfying to me to grab a frame off a surface and look at a picture up close.

Photo Ledges
Keep the damage to your walls minimal. I've vandalized the walls of my own home to such an extent that even 3M strips were banned during the making of Shop Fafita. Enter the MOSSLANDA photo ledge by IKEA in the over sized option. IKEA also dropped MELLOSA an acrylic ledge (!!!) which I enjoy.